Students for Students

The D.C. Covid-19 Childcare Solution

Your child deserves better than a babysitter.

In these tumultuous times, Students for Students understands that no matter the state of the world, kids still need quality education and care. That's why we're determined to help families find smart, caring, academically-minded college students to help ensure that education continues, from learning to walk to long division.

Our caregivers are students and alumnae at premier high schools and colleges in the DC area. They are committed to ensuring kids remain on a positive educational trajectory through periods of non-traditional daycare and schooling.

Having experienced turbulent online education themselves, our caregivers understand how difficult distance-learning can be and will work to enhance digital schooling with in-person education, attention, and care. 

Our caregivers are engaged in studies across all fields, ranging from history to biology to art. Whether your child is obsessing over dinosaurs, building model trains, or learning to color, you can find a student best suited to foster those intellectual interests.

All caregivers on Students for Students work 100% independently, giving families like yours the ability to find the perfect Student to fit your work schedules and existing childcare plans

Liability Disclosure

Students for Students is an unincorporated, volunteer operation serving as a platform to connect parents and families with students seeking part-time childcare work. All communication between parents and caregivers occurs via alternative channels independent of this platform. All caregivers on Students for Students are independently advertising services with facilitation from this platform; Students for Students in its capacity as a platform does not affirmatively verify any claims presented by individual caregivers. Students for Students does not make any guarantee or enter any contractual obligation with users of the platform with regard to quality of services rendered, nor does it receive any financial compensation from caregivers or users. By advertising through Students for Students, caregivers assume all liability for any damages arising from the execution of services.  


Students for Students

Serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area

Ethan Shuchart, Founder

Call/Text: 314-800-7267

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